10 THINGS – Christopher Meyer

How did you first get into acting and what made you want to stick to it?

Mostly, by watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, haha, but, I would have to say I started loving it when I attended BAK Middle School of the Arts in South Florida. Once I started to excel there I had the confidence to keep pushing further.

What was your first big gig and how did it set the tone for your acting career?
Haha, it was actually a soap opera, General Hospital! I think it helped due to how fast they operate soaps and it taught me the value of preparation. 
You’ve done some TV work as well as film. Which platform do you prefer?
Definitely film, it’s so much more of the free world and it allows me to really explore character choices and moments.


Which actors work do you admire and which ones have had the most profound effect on you as an actor, thus far?

I admire so many actors that it’s hard to choose just a couple, but the person who I think made me want to dedicate myself a lot more to the craft was Heath Ledger. Tom Hardy is also quite a beast and he for sure inspires me almost every time I watch him. 

In 2016, you’re on Wayward Pines. You play the character of Mario. What can you tell us about your role?

I can’t say too much, just know… He’s a badass.

You have two films premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival this year!  That is a major accomplishment for a young actor.  Kicks – which you are one of three main leads and Wolves – where you are strong supporting with an amazing cast of veteran actors.  Can you tell us about both films?

Thank you, it’s a blessing for sure. Kicks is a new school hip hop induced, coming of age story set in the hood of East Oakland, California. It follows the journey of a boy & his two best friends trying to get the boys shoes back from one of the most dangerous thugs in the city…
Wolves is about a high school basketball star whose father is addicted to gambling & gets in trouble with the mob. It’s better that I don’t give away too much about his one.. You should just watch it, haha.


What do you enjoy most about bringing your character to life and the being on the show in general?

The little things that make human beings individual & bringing that to the screen. I’ve always wanted to be in a Si-fi type of production and to be able to live in his world every week, is pretty dope.

If given the opportunity, what types of roles or projects would you want to participate in?

With Kicks and Wolves, I actually have two of these out the way, haha, but, I want to definitely explore a soldier, a super hero, something (anything) involving space.


If you weren’t working hard on your craft as an actor, what other career would you most likely take up?

I love all art and everything that goes into creating it, so probably music or maybe painting of some sort. Something that lasts forever… 

We look forward to seeing more of your work. What other projects do you have coming up in the near future?

I appreciate that! I’m filming the show in Vancouver now. Make sure you check it out on May 25th on the FOX Network ;D


Twitter: @ChrisMeyerBK

Instagram: @ChristopherMeyer

Photography: Rowan Daly