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10 Things with Devin Druid

You’re originally from Virginia. When and how did you decide that acting was the career you wanted to invest in?

I had never really thought about it, I was more of an athlete. I started tagging along when my brother went to auditions and found myself becoming more interested. Eventually, I decided to give it a shot myself and fell in love with it. 

This business is full of actors that inspire others through their work on film and television. Which ones have made a positive impact on your career thus far?

I was lucky enough to work with Frances McDormand and Richard Jenkins at the beginning of my career, and those are two of the most talented actors around! I just tried to study them and absorb all I could. I have been inspired and learned from every person I’ve gotten to work with. I have to say, Gabriel Byrne really made the biggest impact, because he offered me support and respect as a fellow actor, from the moment I stepped onto set to work with him. We keep in touch to this day. 

Regard Magazine Devin Druid

What was your first big acting job and how did you react when you first landed it?

Olive Kitteridge was my first SAG job. I was in the car. My Mom was driving us back to Virginia after auditions in New York. She pulled over when my manger called. We were all cool during the call, but after we hung up my mom and I just turned to each other and screamed. 

You’re on the highly anticipated Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. How were you first introduced to the project and what made you decide to jump on board?

My agent sent me the script and it was so fantastic, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Finding out Tom McCarthy and Anonymous Content were on board just solidified that. 

Regard Magazine Devin Druid

On the series, you play the role of Tyler. What are the many facets of this character and what you enjoy most about playing him on screen?

He’s a photographer and sort of an outsider at school. He hides behind his camera as a physical and metaphorical mask. Behind the character, is where he has control. 

I love the depth and layers to Tyler. He’s complicated in some ways but very relatable in others. He’s scared. He’s angry. He’s sad. He’s got some self loathing and guilt. I’m drawn to these roles, where you might have an idea of who this person is, for better or worse. But, then, you realize there’s more to them. Peeling back the layers. 

The show delves into quite a few serious topics (teen suicide, bullying, mean girls and boys etc) around what teens are going through today. As someone who is still a teen, can you expand upon how you felt taking on this character as well as perhaps speak a bit about your own experiences in  high school.

I left public school in middle school, to be educated at home. But, before that, I did experience bullying, as did my younger brother. I felt taking on this character was important, to help shine a light on how bullying can impact everyone. Maybe it will start up a conversation or help change behaviors.

Regard Magazine Devin Druid

Without giving too much away, what can viewers expect to see from Tyler and the rest of the cast in this first season?

Lots of drama, and mystery! 

If you weren’t working as an actor, what career would you have?

I was really interested in graphic design. So, perhaps something with that. 

Regard Magazine Devin Druid

When it comes to fashion, what designers and styles would we see in your closet?

Jeans, black T-shirts, hoodies, joggers…normal teenage clothes. Saint Laurent made me a tux when I went to Cannes and I love it. 

We look forward to seeing how things develop on Netflix’ 13 Reasons Why. What other other projects do you have coming up?

Nothing that I’m at liberty to discuss right now, but will keep you posted! 


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