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You’ve been acting for a few short years. What made you get into acting, and how did you get your start?

I took drama in school and then, auditioned at drama schools after that. I was accepted into a 3-year course and got my first lead role (Sinbad) just before graduating. That was 5 years ago and since then, I’ve been working in the U.S. and the UK, in television and film.

Which actors work do you admire most and which ones would you want to work with, if given the opportunity? 

Mark Ruffalo, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Viola Davis, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Emily Blunt…this list goes on! There are so many brilliantly talented and brave people working in the industry right now. It’s a wonderful time to be involved. Just as much so, there is a huge wave of young talent, a lot of whom are my friends, and I would love to work with every one of them, if I got the opportunity to.

Elliot Knight Regard Magazine


You’re currently on CBS’ new show, American Gothic. How did you first come across the series and what made you want to be a part of it?

I had met writer/creator Corinne Brinkerhoff a couple years before during pilot season, and we were mutual fans of each other. I ended up auditioning for the show at the beginning of this year, per the usual channels, no short cuts. I loved the script and character, and eventually, tested for the role for the CBS network heads and producers, and they cast me in the room, which was unexpected! Though, definitely a welcome surprise.

On the show, you play the role of Brady Ross. What are the many sides of Brady and what do you enjoy most about bringing this character to life?

Brady is unlike any character I’ve had to play before: he’s older than my actual age and the age that I’m normally cast as. And, therefore, brings a more densely-seasoned perspective and weight, that can provide a great challenge for an actor that’s younger than their role. I’ve enjoyed playing someone very much in control and secure in themselves, yet completely out of control of the events surrounding them. It sets a great environment for interesting character and story development.

Elliot Knight Regard Magazine

From what we saw thus far, it seemed really intense. Were there any challenges you faced when shooting on set?

As dark and twisted as the themes of the show are, we had a lot of fun filming, and it was always an enjoyable time on set. My personal challenges were to connect with a character I had never played before, and to learn about the world of being an American police officer turned detective, something that was completely new to me. I would say the scenes I shared with that insanely talented Megan Ketch, who plays Tessa, were the most enjoyable for me to film. We’re great friends, and because we both cared so much about our individual characters, but also their companionship, particular time and effort was put into making sure the scenes which told their story, were as authentic and heart-felt as possible. After all, these are two characters that have a huge amount of love for each other and are being tested far beyond their anticipated limits. But, its also what made those scenes so rewarding as an actor, and some of my favourites from the whole series.

Without giving too much away, what can viewers expect to see from Brady and the rest of the cast as the season comes to a draw?

We only have a couple of weeks left now and the story is beginning to wrap up. Episode 11 holds a lot of answers and even more clues to fill the gaps, but still, we were all surprised when we learned the truth at the end. These will be the most exciting, twisted and unexpected episodes of the whole season, all characters included.

Elliot Knight Regard Magazine

You also worked on the film Billionaire Ransom (aka Take Down outside the U.S.). What is the film about and what can we look forward to?

This was a fun teen-action indie we shot in the UK a coupe of years ago. It enters around a group of kids of rich families or backgrounds, who have been sent away to an isolated camp because of misdemeanours or delinquent behaviour to rehabilitate themselves. The camp is a remote island, with no contact to the outside world where they are taught and coached to fend for themselves and restructure their value systems. Things kick off though, when a group of insiders who know about the camp, invade the island and take them all hostage in search of a ‘billion dollar ransom’. I play Marsac in the movie, the only one of the kids who doesn’t come from money or have anyone fighting in his corner back home. So, his struggle, is in particularly bleak contrast to the other privileged kids.

What career do you think you’d have, if you weren’t having fun as an actor?

I love sports and music, so maybe either one of those. But, I’m constantly involved with both anyway, I just haven’t made them my job.

Elliot Knight Regard Magazine

When it comes to fashion, which designers and styles appeal to you the most?

I’ve never been much of a trend-setter or follower but, more of just a ‘do-my-own-thing’ kind of guy. My style changes a lot, but then, I’m constantly evolving as a person, so I don’t mind the fluidity in that. Self-expression is so wonderfully articulated by the fashion industry, and it’s why I think it makes such a great partner to the world of acting. Just as I’m excited by the idea of any role, I love the concepts of all kinds of styles in fashion.

What other projects do you have coming up?

Currently, I’m working on a couple of projects, of my own. I’m in the developmental stages at the moment, which is a very exciting time creatively. Outside of that, I’m back at my home in L.A, after we finished shooting for American Gothic and should be working on some projects here soon.

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