10 THINGS – Graham Patrick Martin

How did you first get your start in the entertainment business?

Doing commercials as a kid living in Manhattan is how it started. It became real when I got my first real gig at the age of 15. It moved me out to Los Angeles. And, when it was over, I decided to stay and make a life out of it,

Which actors work have inspired you over the years with your own career?

As a kid, it was definitely Leonardo Dicaprio. I think every child of the 90s has been influenced by Leo and Tom Hanks in one way or another. They were like your father and your brother. Lately, I’ve really been enjoying Dane Dehaan’s work.

Your latest project is TNT’s Major Crimes. How did you first get introduced to the series?

I was actually meant to be just a guest star on the series finale of The Closer. About halfway through filming the episode, the creator approached me and asked if I had any interest in joining the spinoff, which was to be called Major Crimes. I immediately accepted and the rest is history.

What was it about the script that made you want to be a part of it ?

At the time, there weren’t a lot of dynamic roles for guys my age. Most of the auditions that came my way were for stereotypical complaining millennials. Rusty is a homeless youth with a tragic past. I was interested in helping to tell that story.

On the show, you play the role of Rusty Beck. What are the many sides of Rusty’s personality?

He’s stubborn and self-centered, but extremely caring of those who he loves, sometimes to a fault.

What do you enjoy most about bringing his character to life?

Seeing how much it means to people who I meet, who have similar backgrounds to Rusty. They enjoy seeing their story told. It’s pretty special.

We have a new season coming up. What can fans of the show expect to see from Rusty and the rest of the cast?

Rusty is in danger. Phillip Stroh is back and could appear at any moment. The fans should be excited and scared because this is definitely our most dangerous season yet.

If you weren’t working as an actor, what career would you have instead?

A professional football player, though I would need to put on a few pounds.

Who are some of your favorite fashion designers and styles that appeal to you most?

I’m a smaller guy, so I’m super into brands that accommodate my body type. Lately, that’s been Allsaints and Band of Outsiders.

We look forward to seeing how things develop on Major Crimes. What other projects do you have coming up? 

Major Crimes is the main gig right now. Every Tuesday night on TNT. Check it out!


Twitter: @GrahamPMartin

Instagram: @GrahamPMartin

Photographer: Dylan Lujano 

Grooming: Matlide Campos 

Stylist: David Nino