10 THINGS – Isaak Presley

When did know for sure that you wanted to be an actor?

I knew my entire life I wanted to be an entertainer, it was my specialty. Making people laugh and keeping the fun and happiness around.

How did your parents initially respond when you told them?

Well, my dad has raised me as a single parent my entire life and he has been in the entertainment business his entire life. So, it was a team effort and not having to convince him. Even before I walked, I was always amongst entertainers and I would always try to emulate them. 


You’re currently on Disney’s Stuck in The Middle. What do you like most about being on set with your co-stars?

There’s never a dull moment on set. Sure, it’s busy, but we get to have so much fun in between takes, I do school with Jenna, Kayla, and Ronni, and most of my new favorite memories is with them doing school or just hanging out. I love every single person on the set and I wouldn’t trade them in for anything.

What about your character, Ethan Diaz. What do you enjoy about bringing his character to life?

Ethan and I are pretty different in the beginning of the season. And, I say beginning because as we get through the episodes, I’m no longer playing this character Ethan, I’m making Ethan me. I have a few adjustments, like making sure to still be cool and laid back, but me personally, I am more hyper and outgoing, but the outgoing side comes out more in Ethan, as the season progresses.

There’s definitely no rush, but do you have any favorite actors that you would like to work with in the future?

I mean there’s a list already for me. There’s some actors I’d love to learn from, like Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pratt, Robert Downey Jr., and a few others. But those guys are huge inspirations!


As a young person in this business, it can be hard to maintain a good head on your shoulders. You’ve managed to do that well. What would you attribute this to?

I would attribute this all to my dad, as well as my aunts and friends, for never letting me get bigger than I am. My dad raised me up on a ranch where I still live today, and he had me do the work around there, not cause he was lazy, but to show that I may have a show on Disney, but I’m still a normal kid with normal chores cleaning up after the dogs and horses ;). 

When you’re not on set, what does a typical relaxing day look like for you?

A relaxing day would go something like this, give or take. Sleep in, get up, lay on the couch having breakfast, pick up my guitar and noodle (play) it for awhile, get dressed, go out to visit the horses, saddle them up, take them out for a ride with my dad. Or a frown, come back in, clean up, go down to the recording studio and play some music there, then head back up to the house, grab a good book, preferably a fiction book like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or anything by Stephen King. And really just hang around in the house all day writing music, books, poetry, etc. and reading.

If you weren’t working on your acting career, what other career would you most likely take up?

The other career I’ve taken up now along with acting is music. I’d just keep pressing my music, I’ve been doing music for a bit longer than acting and it’s truly my favorite thing in the entire world. I also love writing. I could write all day, I love it so much. I can write songs, to a short story, poetry, and even start a book all in one day without a complaint. So, music absolutely for sure and writing, would be another fun thing to take up. But, these are all things I do with acting, so I still get to do them :).


When it comes to fashion, do you have any favorite designers and styles?

I love Hugo boss, Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana, and Armani are some all time favorites. 

What other projects do you have coming up? 

I’ll be releasing a new single I wrote called “5 seconds to Mars” and without any spoilers, I’ll be returning for a show I’ve worked on in the past. But, hopefully more info on that soon. <3


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