10 THINGS – Jennifer Cheon

You’re originally from Vancouver, where much of the entertainment industry does production. What were some motivating factors that led you to decide to being an actress?

I have always loved the performing arts! I started dancing and acting when I was four, then started to model when I was 14. I also started doing open mics when I was 16. I love singing, so naturally, acting was just around the corner. 

You have a very diverse family background. Do you think programming is headed in the right direction with respect to diversity with casting?

I think it is, or at least I hope it is.. 

Which actors body of work has inspired your career choices and which ones would you like to work with, if given the opportunity?

Career wise, Angelina Jolie. One day, I hope to make the transition into directing. I would jump at the opportunity to work with her. Another favorite of mine is Nicole Kidman. 

Currently, you’re on Van Helsing. How were you first introduced to the show and what was it about the script that got you excited to take part?

Well, for starters, the talent behind the show. Not only did I know the legendary play-writer Neil Lebute was a part of the project, but Van Helsing has a strong group of Vancouver grown actors. I am so grateful to be a part of such a strong list of creatives.  Additionally, I love Vampires! It was a dream of mine to play one, so Ivory is actually a dream come true. Those things excite me 🙂

On the show, you the play the role of Ivory. What do you enjoy most about bringing out her character on screen?

Her rawness. I love every bit of that character. From the back story, to her wardrobe. I love that Ivory not only allows me to do the nitty gritty acting stuff, but the action, and fight sequences. I love swinging some swords around.

What can you share with us about what we can expect to see from Ivory and the rest of the cast this season?

Expect to see blood. A lot of delicious blood. 

If you weren’t working on your career as an actress, what line of work would you want to be in?


When it comes to fashion, which designers and styles appeal to your personality?

Oh shoot.. depending on where I am going, I love me a good pair of jeans and a comfy T-shirt.  Some of my favorite designers are Jonathan Simkhai, Alexander Wang, and oh gosh do I love me some Gucci. 

Which travel destinations are on the top of your list?

Korea, Morocco, and Fiji. I would love to go back to Paris as well.

Thanks for chatting with us. Besides your role on Van Helsing, what other projects do you have coming up?

I have been working on some personal projects as well as getting involved with an organization called Dressember. We are fundraising for victims of human trafficking, and I am trying to gather as many donations as I can. If anyone reading is interested in getting involved with me, please go to for more information. You can find my page under my name and donate. Please help us give someone a brighter future!


Twitter: @JenniferCheon

Instagram: @ItsJenCheon

Photography: Jeffery Fountain

Makeup: Caitlin Krenz with Opus Beauty

Hair: Felicia Rials

Stylist: Lauren Taylor