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10 Things with Jonathan Sadowski

How and when did you get your start as an actor?

I studied theatre in college and moved to Los Angeles when I graduated. I did the whole waiting tables/bartending thing…and then, one week I sold a screenplay, booked the lead in a pilot, and booked my first feature film.

Which actors influenced you and had a positive impact on your career and project choices?

Robin Williams has for sure. The idea that an actor can have incredible comedic timing and in his next film showcase his dramatic chops, that’s what I wanted to strive to be.

Regard Magazine Jonathan Sadowski

You’ve been in the mix for some time and have seen the changes in the industry. Talk about some of the challenges and rewards that you experience along the way.

I always tell people that if you wanna be an actor, be prepared to be told “No” again and again and again and again. But I promise, the one time you get a “yes”, will make it all worth while. Keep at it. Don’t put a time limit on becoming an actor. 

You’re on Freeform’s Young & Hungry which is on its 5th season. Congrats on that! How were you first introduced to the series? 

My agent sent me the script, I read it and agreed to meet the creator (David Holden) and Ashley Tisdale. After I read for them, they wanted to screen test me with Emily Osment. The night after the test, I got a phone call from my agent telling me I booked it. Couldn’t have been happier getting that call.

Regard Magazine Jonathan Sadowski

How has the show evolved over the past few years from the pilot to now?

It’s evolved a lot. We have shot 71 episodes. Characters have grown. Relationships between characters have evolved. A wonderful supporting guest cast has come and gone. Ultimately we are getting closer and closer to the culmination of Gabi & Josh’s will they/won’t they relationship.

On the show, you play the role of Josh Kaminski. What do you enjoy most about playing him on screen? 

His loyalty. He will protect his friends at all costs.

Regard Magazine Jonathan Sadowski

What can expect to see from Josh and the rest of the cast on this season?

You’ll have to watch and find out!

Let’s say that you weren’t an actor, what else could you see yourself doing?

I think I would still have to find a way to express myself artistically. I’d have to find a way to create. I’d probably still be a writer, or maybe a cook. 

Regard Magazine Jonathan Sadowski

When it comes to fashion and style, what designers appeal to your personal sense of style?

I don’t really shop by designer. I shop by what appeals to me visually, and what fits me best. I don’t care if a shirt costs $300 or $30. A good fit is a good fit.

We look forward to seeing you on Freeform’s Young & Hungry. We hear you were also on Chopped on April 11th – can you tell us a little about that experience?

Chopped was great! It was a horrifyingly amazing experience. Intense as hell. Spoiler alert: Alex Guarnischelli will be on Young & Hungry this season!


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