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10 Things with Kearran Giovanni

You started your career a few short years ago. What propelled you to be an actor?

I actually started my career in college. I went to CCM (an acting and music conservatory inside of university of Cincinnati), and after graduation I moved to New York and did 10 Broadway shows and a few TV shows. Law and Order, Royal Pains and 3 years on One Life to Live. I would definitely say that Major Crimes has been a career highlight though! 

Which actors body of work had the most impact on your career thus far?

So many women to look up to! Cate Blanchett, Kerri Washington, Phylicia Rashad…

Prior to your performances on film & television, you were on Broadway. How did your experience in theater affect the work you do on the screens?

I think for most people coming from theater, we are so grateful for “the work” with TV and film. There are long days of concentrating on one scene over and over again. The repetition is a welcomed change. In theater, there is no “do over.”

Let’s talk about Major Crimes. How were you first introduced to the series and what made you want to take part in it?

I was doing Anything Goes on Broadway and this audition came in. I read the script and sides and thought “I am Amy”. I started watching episodes of The Closer to get a sense of the writing and style, and loved it from day one! Amy is a woman…..and everything else about her was just  character….not stereotype.

On the show, you play the role of Amy Sykes. What have been some of your favorite moments playing her on screen?

My favorite episodes were any episodes with the Mark Hickman character. He is just an amazing and giving actor! He gave Amy a backstory of what makes her tick better than anything else.

This season is the series finale. What can fans of the show expect to see from Amy and the rest of her team?

Well, this season is nail biting! Every episode is insanely high stakes. Because we did the multi-episode arcs, you really get a chance to go on the journey, bit by bit with us. Amy is very excited to have another woman to play with this season! Jessica Meraz!

Do you have any plans on returning to theater or Broadway?

Not right now. My family is settled here and very happy in L.A.! I mean, you can’t beat the weather! Maybe in the future.

What do you think you’d be doing career wise if you weren’t an actor?

An OBGYN. Imagine my parents surprise when I decided not to go to Rice University and go to school for musical theater instead! Or a chef! Never say never.

Which fashion designers fit your personal sense of style?

Rag and Bone, Victoria Beckham, Alexander McQueen. 

We look forward to seeing how things will develop on Major Crimes. What other projects do you have coming up?

Many things in the works… but right now, I’m going to enjoy a few weeks off with my family.


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