10 THINGS – Leanne Lapp

Your character Gilda is new to iZombie, we know she is mischievous, but can you tell us about more about her?

Gilda is the daughter of Vaughn Du Clark, the head of Max Rager Industries. She is his right hand woman, so to speak.  Personality wise, she’s your classic femme fatal; mysterious, elusive, a little cold at times and a fantastic liar! She’s also Liv’s new roommate, pretending to be her friend, but secretly spying on her for Vaughn.

What role do you think your character play in the storyline of the show moving forward?

She’s put a lot of the characters in percarious situations already. She’s come between Liv and Major multiple times. Gilda is always one step a head of everyone else so I’m sure there’s only more of that to come!

As your character is new this season, you had to be the new girl on set. Were you nervous at all starting out on the show? 

Sure I was! I think it’s only natural to be! The rest of the cast had already become a family during the first season so I didn’t know how it would be, but everyone was really lovely and welcoming and the whole experience has been wonderful!


On a show with lots of gore, have there been any pranks on set or a favorite memory so far?

I love working with the Romero zombies! The actors that play them are so talented and, of course, the hair and makeup is just terrifying as well. I worked with one actress who was just so believable and scary, and after every take, after they yelled cut, she would give me a big thumbs up and a huge smile and it made me crack up laughing every time.

One of your first speaking roles was on Zombie Punch in 2009, have you always been a fan of these types of shows?

I am! Im a huge fan of zombie media. I love the Walking Dead and have read all the comics. I was really excited to get my hands on the iZombie books when I found out about the show!

You have a great growing resume, have you always wanted to be an actress? If so, what gave you the acting bug?

Thank you! I have wanted to be an actress for as long as I can remember and I have know idea why! I was a pretty big ham as a child so I’m sure initially I got into it because I liked the attention! As I got older, I fell in love with it for reasons too many to list!


What is the best advice you have been given in regards to starting out in the business?

Read as many plays as you can. Do as much people watching as you possibly can. And (this last one should cheesy, I know) believe in yourself or no body else will!

Are there any actors or actresses that you would love to work with in the future?

Kristen Wiig, Dane Dehaan, Felicity Jones – just to name a few!

To bring it back to the show, why should fans tune into the new season of iZombie?

There are so many reasons, but the one’s I keep coming back to are the great comedic writing, and Rose Mciver’s amazing portrayal of Liv. She’s just the perfect mix of badass heroine who you also happen to want to be your best friend!


We look forward to seeing more of your character this season. Do you have any other projects coming up that fans should look out for? 

Right now the show takes up all my time, but i’m excited to see what the future holds!

Written by Shelby Gottschalk

Images: Courtesy of Kyla Hemmelgarn

Twitter: @LeanneLapp

Instagram: @LeanneLapp