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10 THINGS – Logan Shroyer

When did you decide to become an actor and work in the entertainment industry?

Probably when I was 14. My parents let me try it. It was something I just sort of fell into. After a couple of years, I realized that I loved it so much it was what I wanted to do professionally.  

Which actors work did you look to for inspiration to start and continue your career thus far?

Early on, I really looked to Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day Lewis.  They’re the kind of actors that are at such a heightened level of success, that you can’t help but aspire to be like them. I really admire how authentic their work is. 

Regard Magazine Logan Shroyer

What was your first big job and what was your reaction when you finally landed the gig?

Probably THIS IS US… The audition process was crazy! I went in once and was told the next day that I booked the role of teenage Kevin Pearson.  A day later I was on set, and I got the entire script for the episode while I was on my way there.  

You’re off to a great start with a role on This Is Us, one of the most popular TV shows on today. How did you first come across this opportunity and what was it about script that made you excited to jump on board?

When I first went in for the audition it wasn’t the THIS IS US that everyone knows today. I knew the writing was incredible, and that I wanted to be a part of it. I started reading about Dan Fogelman, and that got me even more excited about the project. What I didn’t know was how big it would become. 

Regard Magazine Logan Shroyer

On the show you play the role of the younger Kevin Pearson, in his teens. What do you enjoy most about bringing this character to life?

Kevin is a very complex character and I really like roles that have layers. It’s an incredible experience being able to portray a character that you’re able to continually learn about. I really enjoy being able to play both sides of Kevin—he has both good and bad traits. It’s never a dull day reading the script.

This Is Us has so many layers and complexities. How challenging is it to keep up with the back and forth into modern day and Kevin’s childhood?

Usually, when you get a script, you spend time exploring their back story and get ideas as to who the character is. You get to see all of that in this show, so it’s very informative as an actor. For me, I’m able to see where my character is going and not many actors get that opportunity. 

Regard Magazine Logan Shroyer

What can we expect to see from Teenage Kevin as the season progresses?

I can’t really get into that without giving away spoilers, but this season you will continue to understand more about Kevin. Kevin is very troubled and that side of him will be explored further and you’ll get to learn why he’s made the choices that he’s made.

If you weren’t working on your career as an actor, what type of work would you have instead? 

If I wasn’t an actor, I would imagine I would have eventually found something in the arts that I love to do. Being an English professor would have been interesting. 

Regard Magazine Logan Shroyer

When it comes to fashion, which designers fit your sense of style?

I really like clothes that fit well. John Varvatos, and All Saints are two of my favorites.

Besides This Is Us, what other projects do you have 

While working on THIS IS US, I’ve been getting behind the camera more with my friends with a project that we’re releasing on Instagram called “The Relic.” We release one part at a time. You can watch it @TheRelic on Instagram if you want to check it out. 


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