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10 Things with Madison Davenport

Since you started your career in 2002,  you’ve done a fair amount of both film and television. What do you like about both platforms?

What I love about film, is you’re on set for about 2 months— and you know your character arch, you know your character from beginning to end, and you get to fully develop the character. 

I also love the process of developing a TV character, because you get to grow with them. It’s exciting to be unsure of where your role will end up. I started playing Kate in From Dusk Till Dawn at 17, and she was sheltered and innocent, as was I at that age. But, I got to grow with her. I had no idea I was going to be the queen of hell by the end of this season, but I got to grow with her and portray her evolution.

At this point, which actors would be on your wish list to work with, if given the opportunity?

Meryl Streep, Meryl Streep, Meryl, Streep, Meryl Streep, Meryl Streep. I would love to work with Tom Hardy, I think I could learn a lot from him. I think that Jennifer Lawrence is such a strong feminine figure in entertainment right now, and I would love to meet and work with her.

Regard Magazine Madison Davenport

Which actors have influenced your career in the best way, thus far?

When I was young, I remember watching Shirly Jones in Oklahoma and Carousel, and I fell in love with her voice and presence on screen. I had the opportunity to work with her when I was 9 in “Christmas Is  Here Again” and it was a full circle moment. In a way, it validated my career at 9-years old, and it made me want to keep going.

You’re currently on El Rey Network’s, From Dusk Till Dawn. How were you first introduced to the show?

I watched the film when I was younger with my Dad, so I was familiar with the story when I first heard of the project. I didn’t get to read the script before arriving on set, and I didn’t audition for the role. But, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. I had the opportunity to speak with Robert Rodriguez over Skype and I was drawn into working with him. I loved his vision and his presence. 

Regard Magazine Madison Davenport

When you think back about the process from the beginning, what was it about the script that attracted you to the show?

I didn’t get to read the script before accepting the project but I loved the movie and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I knew the story from when I was a child, and the project had an amazing team onboard. So, I was happy to be brought on.

On the series, you play the role of Kate Fuller. What more can you tell us about her?

I love her. I’ve grown with her over the years. What I loved about her was that she was young, innocent and sheltered, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye. She’s relatable to a lot of women and girls in that sense—her journey growing from an innocent girl, to a woman, fighting to get her footing in this criminal world. 

Regard Magazine Madison Davenport

What are the pros and cons of Kate’s character and what do you enjoy most about playing her on screen?

Pros: she looks sweet and innocent, and she is—but she’s feisty. What I love about her character is that, when her family was in danger, she stepped up. I think she’s very relatable, she doesn’t always do the right thing, she’s not afraid to put herself last, which jeopardizes her life. That is a pro and a con, because it’s real and relatable.

As the season comes closer to wrapping up, what can viewers expect to see from Kate and the rest of the cast?

As you know, Kate hasn’t been herself. She’s been possessed by the queen of hell, so we haven’t had the opportunity to see her recently. In this last episode of the season, we get to see Kate regain her form and to see if she can, after everything that has happened. And, the team has been fighting to keep hell from earth the entire season, so you guys get to see if we will succeed. 

Regard Magazine Madison Davenport

You’re always fashionable. Who are some of your favorite designers and styles?

Valentino, Dior, Chanel, these are all my wish list designers, those are the fashion dream. I’m all about comfort when it comes to fashion. If you’re uncomfortable in an outfit, it shows on your face, it looks like the clothes are wearing you. It’s important that you are comfortable in your clothing. 

We look forward to seeing how things will end up on From Dusk Till Dawn. Besides this, what other projects are you working on?

I’ve been celebrating my “birthday month” by traveling. I’m writing more music and looking for my next role.



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