10 THINGS – Michael Rainey Jr.

Already, at a young age, you’ve had much success as an actor. When did you realize that you wanted to act as your career choice?

I got in the business by accident. But, after doing the film LUV, I knew that I definitely wanted to be an actor.

Were there any actors that you looked up to, that provided you with inspiration to perform as they did? 

I have worked with so many great people who have been in the business for a long time, and I just feel privileged and inspired by all of them.


Let’s talk about some of your shows, starting with POWER. How were you first introduced to the show? 

I went on the first audition before they started filming season one. Then, they called me back and next thing I knew, I was on the show.

How much did you learn working with the cast of POWER

I learned a lot about the business, but most of all, it’s like an extended family and everyone gives you life lessons and pointers to help you, not just in the business, but also in life.

You also got a chance to work alongside Forest Whitaker in Lee Daniel’s The Butler, playing young Cecil. How was that experience? 

I never got to actually work with him on set because we didn’t have any scenes together. But, I was able to go and speak to Mr. Whitaker and Ms. Oprah Winfrey and that was one of the best moments for me.


You’ve already had a taste of superstar actors. Are any others that you would love the opportunity to work with? 

Yes, I would love to work with Kevin Hart because he is funny and Will Smith.

When you’re not on set, what does a typical relaxing day look like for you? 

I make music and hang with my friends.

If you weren’t working on your acting career, what other career would you most likely take up? 

I would like to be a music producer.


When it comes to fashion, do you have any favorite designers and styles? 

I like Bape, Supreme, Homme Femme LA, as my laid back gear. But, I also like Armani and other brands. Sometimes, it really doesn’t matter who the designer is, as long as I like the clothing. 

What other projects do you have coming up? 

I’m currently waiting to shoot a movie called Amateur, it’s my first movie that I am the lead and I am excited about that.

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Photography: Rowan Daly