10 THINGS – Rotimi

You’re originally from New Jersey. Your parents were working professionals with a very cultured background. When did you realize that you were going to work in entertainment and how did that first conversation go with mom and dad?

The first conversation happened before I was born. My mom had a dream that I would be an entertainer. So, when I got here, she knew exactly what my purpose was. So, because it was naturally what was supposed to happen, she supported it from day 1. My mom had me in the studio recording, playing instruments, song writing, and putting me in positions to begin believing in myself as a kid. Singing at weddings, etc. So It was meant to be. 

What was your first opportunity with television and how did you react when you finally landed the gig?

My first opportunity was on a TV show called Boss. I was fresh out of college and it was a huge learning experience for me because I had never acted before and didn’t know what to expect. But at the same time, it was exhilarating because I had never experienced a rush like it. It was inspiring to be on set and around actors like Kelsey Grammer. He is one of the greatest TV actors of all time and to be on a platform on a television show, that people are striving and dedicating their whole lives towards, to be able to do it at as a young college graduate was rewarding.

Most TV viewers recognize you for your work on Starz’ POWER. How did you first get acquainted with the show and what was it about the script that made you want to do it?

I heard a lot about it and auditioned. I wanted the role. I remember going all out with props to complete the character. To be a part of something that could shake the culture and move the needle was important to me at that point of my career. Having prior experience working with Starz also provided a sense of comfort and home for me. So, with the show having similarities to shows like The Wire and even Boss, it just made sense. I feel POWER is a mix of Boss and The Wire, so it was the perfect mesh for me.

On the series, you play the role of Dre. What are the many sides of Dre that we don’t know? 

I think this season will basically explain who Dre is. You will see that he loves his family, he loves his daughter and that he’s a beast! He’s intelligent, he’s very similar to Ghost and doing things the way Ghost would’ve done at his age. But at the same time, he’s a little faster, sharper and smarter, so stay tuned.

What do you enjoy most about playing Dre and bringing his character to life?

What I love about it is, how every move he makes, are amplified. The reaction and actions are watched and magnified at an extreme level. I love how internally smart he is as well. Everything that happens in his mind, gets displayed on screen and it’s cool because it’s a different side of me that I’m able to portray. I don’t get to act conniving and violently in real life, so it’s dope to able to express myself in that way.

The next season is coming up. What can viewers and fans expect to see from Dre and the rest of the cast on POWER?

This year you will see that the show is more so about the powerless. No one has POWER, and everybody is trying to desperately get it. And, just when they think they do, you realize they don’t. Because of that, survival is the key which is what makes everyone more dangerous as oppose to powerful.

You’re also a musician. Where are you with your music and when can expect to see new material from you?

Well, I am recording now and looking to release my new material at the end of this summer. It’s going well, so I am taking my time and looking to top the success of my latest project, Jeep Music Vol 1, which if you haven’t heard is available for listeners on all streaming platforms.

When it comes to travel, which destinations are on the top of your list?

I’ve been fortunate that my work has allowed me to be able to travel and taken me to see a lot of cool places around the country and world. I’m not sure. But, I guess if I had to choose a few destinations, one would be Dubai, and I guess maybe Jerusalem. 

You did some modeling a while back and your style is always on point. Which designers are your favorites and fit your personality the most?

Believe it or not, I’ve never been one to get caught up in name brands. I’ve always been more into enjoying clothing for the look, mood, and creativity aspect of whatever pieces look good to put together to fit the swag. 

We look forward to seeing you on POWER. What other projects do you have coming up soon?

Next up for me at the moment is more music. That’s where my focus is now. Once that is out, I will be looking to get back on tour again. Film and TV wise, I’m transitioning into executive producing. I have a movie called Singleholic, which I executive produced that you can be on the lookout for early next year.


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