10 THINGS – Sara Thompson

You’ve only been acting for a few short years. What made you decide to get in the business as an actress and how did you get your start?

I grew up as a dancer, so performing was always in my blood. I got my first role as a dancer in a movie when I was ten, and instantly got the acting bug. After that, it was confirmed that it was all I wanted to do. I couldn’t wait to learn more about the industry and the art itself. As soon as I was 18, I went to acting school in NYC and never looked back!   

Which actors body of work has influenced your career thus far?

I love love love, everything Natalie Portman. Every aspect of her work and career amazes me. I am also influenced and I’m a huge fan of Emma Stone, Margot Robbie, Rachel McAdams and Felicity Jones.


If you had the opportunity to produce your own project, what would it look like and which actors would you include? 

It would look a lot like “Like Crazy” and/or “Blue Valentine” with a very whimsical tone and a very strong realistic representation of love and pain. I would want to portray all aspects of the craziest, most inexplicable and beautiful moments of emotion, much like these films do. I think I would need Julianne Moore to play my mom.  

Let’s talk about your upcoming films. The first one is NOMIS, an action thriller. What is the film about?

“Nomis” is about the police force (Alexandra Daddario and Henry Cavill) and a local vigilante (Sir Ben Kingsley) joining forces in a very dangerous situation involving a very troubled man. The man is linked to years of female abduction and murders, so the stakes are high. I play Julie, a victim of abduction.   


What can you tell us about your character Julie and how she fits into the action in NOMIS?

Julie is a victim of a terrifying man named Simon (Brendan Fletcher). She has suffered for so long, that she becomes numb to her circumstances. She is mentally and physically damaged when she is found and rescued, and wants desperately for it all to go away. However, she knows how important it is for people to learn how evil he truly is. She knows his mind games better than anyone.  

Your other film, I Still See You, is about an apocalyptic event that kills millions of people and leaves the world inhabited by ghosts. That should definitely get everyone’s attention. What made you decide to take on this project?

In this movie, I play the protagonist, Ronnie’s (Bella Thorne) best friend from childhood. She acts as the comic relief in a very serious situation. I think her obliviousness to the severity of the circumstances help to humanize Ronnie and her love interest, Kirk Lane (Richard Harmon). My sister and I always fell in love with the funny/slightly oblivious best friend in movies, and so it was really exciting to finally get to play one! Lastly, it was an absolute dream to work with Bella and Richard, as well as with director Scott Speer and Jason Fuchs, the writer. 

In this film, you play the role of Janine. What do you enjoy most about bringing her character to life?

I really enjoyed developing a relationship with Bella Thorne off-screen, at the same time we were developing our on-screen relationship as Ronnie and Janine. I think having this bond is especially important to portraying a believable and authentic relationship, especially the long-lasting one that Ronnie and Janine have. We were able to do a lot of ad-libbing on this film, which is one of my favorite ways to work. Without the bond Bella and I created, I don’t think this improvisation would have read properly. It seemed like second nature which was awesome—this is not always the case!

If you weren’t working on you career as an actress, what type of career would you have?

I would most likely be focusing on some entrepreneurial endeavors, which I still plan on doing in the future. I love to create—whether it be painting, writing or photography and videos. I’ve also always loved beauty, fashion and branding. I actually started a specialty nail and nail art business in my house, before my acting career took off! I think having my own business is most definitely in my future.

When it comes to fashion, which designers and styles grab your attention and appeal to you most?

Okay, well let’s get Gucci and Prada out of the way…those two will always have my heart. For clothing, I tend to stick to the basics. I like to dress classically with a very minimalist vibe. I find that I can never go wrong with a little slip dress or some vintage  jeans. Some of my favorite brands right now are Reformation, Are you Am I, Orseund Iris, and of course I always love some vintage in my outfit. I could keep going, but mostly I just keep my outfits simple and my accessories are where I have most of my fun. I’ve been collecting jewelry for a while now, and most everything I wear has a special story! 

Thank you for sharing your work with us. What projects do you have coming up?

Of course! I have Season 2 of Burden Of Truth coming out soon, which will be emotional and exciting! I also have a movie called “Homecoming” where I appear opposite Richard Harmon again—this time as his girlfriend, Beth. We go back to his childhood home to find that all is not as it seems. There some spooky, ghost-like things wait for us! Lastly, I have a very, very exciting project that I am working on right now, but I can’t speak about that quite yet—so stay tuned!


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Photo Credit: Alex Vielfaure