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10 Things with Stefania Owen

Your career in entertainment started a few short years ago. What made you decide to get into acting?

I’ve always loved to perform. As my mom is a dance teacher, my sisters and I grew up dancing on stage and it was my favorite thing to do. Because we all loved the performing arts, we thought acting would be fun to try out so we signed up to an agency in New Zealand. After I booked The Lovely Bones I started putting myself on tape for American projects. After getting good feedback from casting directors I realized that acting was something that I was good at and really enjoyed and something I wanted to pursue. 

Which actors work influenced you to develop your career path in a similar way?

I’ve always looked up to Saorise Ronan and her work on films. I admire her acting as well as the films that she chooses to be part of. Her work has inspired me to also be particular with the roles I take.

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You’re well known for your role on the Carrie Diaries. What did you enjoy most from working on that series?

My favorite part about working on the Carrie Diaries was being surrounded by awesome people. We would hang out on and off set and we really became family. Every Friday night we’d order pizza and everyone would bring snacks and desserts to our apartment in NY. We’d blast music, watched the show all together and answer our #AskCarrie Twitter questions. It was really the best.

Let’s fast forward to your latest project, Hulu’s Chance. How were you first introduced to the project and what made you decide to take it on?

I auditioned for Chance in the room while i was in LA this year without reading the script so I didn’t know too much about the show at first. When I found out that they were interested, I read the script and bought the book and really liked the storyline. I ended up taking the role because of the content as well as the people attached to the show like Hugh Laurie, Alex Cunningham, Lenny Abrahamson.

Regard Magazine Stefania Owen

On the series, you play the role of Nicole Chance. What are the good and bad of Nicole?

My favorite part about Nicole is the close relationship she has with her father. It shows her maturity and innocence and it reminds me of my close relationship with my dad. She’s also extremely smart, independent and isn’t swayed by other people’s opinions which I also love. But like every teenager, Nicole has her secrets and issues that get revealed as the show goes on.

The show itself a psychological thriller. What do you enjoy most about bringing Nicole’s character to life?

It’s fun to build on a character that is never-ending because I’m also learning about Nicole as new scripts come in. As she is put through tough situations throughout the show, I get to build on what’s written and get deeper into character which is really fun.

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What can viewers expect to see from Nicole and the rest of the cast in this first season?

People will not know what to expect. Every character has his/her own journey and set of struggles. As the story develops and evolves it becomes a tangled mess for Dr. Chance. The audience will become attached and care for each character and will be on the edge of their seat!

If you weren’t working on your career as an actress, what kind of job would you most likely have?

If I wasn’t focusing on acting, I’d still be creating things. I’d love to start a business with my sisters, to create my own performing arts studio, go to school, I’d love to direct and make my own films. My goal is to do it all.

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When it comes to fashion, which designer would we find in your closet and fit your sense of style?

If you went into my closet, you’d find a lot of my mom’s and sisters’ clothes that I’ve “borrowed”! When there are four girls in one household we all swap around which is fun. But my favorite clothing brands are Free People and Alice and Olivia.

We look forward to seeing how things develop on Hulu’s Chance. What other projects do you have coming up in the near future?

You can go and see me in a film called “Coming Through the Rye” which is out in select theaters now. And I play Katie Holmes’ daughter in her directing debut “All We Had” which comes out in theaters December 9th.

Regard Magazine Stefania Owen


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