RM: You’re originally from a small town in Texas. What made you decide to get into the business of acting and how did you get your start?

DB: Growing up, I never had any aspirations to be in the entertainment business. My whole life was sports. While playing football in college, I was a personal trainer. One day a lady walked up to me and asked that I train her. I said, “of course.” For all of my clients I would challenge them to set goals for themselves and then reward themselves for their results. My client easily met her goals, so I asked her how she was going to reward herself. She said she wanted to take me to a modeling agency. I told her, “No, do something for yourself.” She insisted. I went with her and I got signed as a model at 19 years old with Kim Dawson in Dallas. That changed my life. It really did. Between the ages of 19 and 25 I was blessed to be able to travel the world and go to 20 plus countries, all with the job. When I was 23 I had just moved back to Dallas from Paris and went into Kim Dawson (agency) and the acting agent there asked me if I had ever done any acting. I said, “I played a robot in school in 6th grade.” So, she said, “No, but you look like this guy, I want you to go tryout.” I said, “OK”. I went to my first audition and I booked it. The name of that film is “Saving Jessica Lynch.” Jessica Lynch was an 18 year old POW in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I played the role of PFC Patrick Miller. Production turned nine square blocks of Dallas into Al Nasiriyah, Iraq. I loved the training I received for that film and in that job, fell in love with acting.
RM: Which actors body of work impressed you the most and influenced your career?

DB: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Daniel Day Lewis, Christian Bale are men’s talent and career I aspire to. I worked with Denzel Washington on “The Great Debaters” early in my career. Working with him was definitely a great experience and influenced me to work hard and always want more.
RM: Thus far, what has been your favorite role/ character to play?

DB: I did a film called “Out Of The Darkness” in which I played the angel Gabriel and was given six weeks of sword training prior to that film. I really enjoyed the process of making that film. That should have a release by Spring 2014.


RM: You were cast as Larry Birkhead in the upcoming Lifetime movie, Anna Nicole. I’m sure you had to do research on Larry to make sure that you played him well. What was your mindset while you were working on set making a film about an iconic person like Anna Nicole Smith?

DB: My mindset in making “Anna Nicole” was one of gratefulness. Anna was an icon and to be given the opportunity to (1) be a part of telling her story, and (2) to play an intricate character in telling her story. I very much felt grateful.
RM: Speaking of iconic, you also play the TLC’s manager in the upcoming TLC Biopic on VH1. Tell us about your experience being on set with that role?

DB: I am very thankful and grateful to have booked the role of TLC’s manager, Bill Diggins in TLC’s upcoming biopic “TLC: Crazy Sexy Cool.” I was able to spend a good amount of time with Bill prior to filming this project. It kind of helped having him be on set, being the executive producer and all. I’m thankful for the time I was able to spend with him not only to observe and study his behavior but to learn from the man. Bill Diggins is one of the most amazing businessmen that I have ever had the privilege to have met or known. He is very good at his job and he was and still is a huge part of TLC’s success and continued success. I would have been a fool to have not learned from this man.
RM: Now that you’ve done both. What do you like most about fictional and non-fictional characters?

DB: It is always fun to play a fictional character because you get to bring a character to life. Playing a nonfictional character is an honor because you have the responsibility of accurately portraying a real person. I have played four men now that are all currently still alive. It wasn’t until Bill Diggins said to me while filming “TLC”, “we are now connected for life.” I never thought of it that way, but it’s true.

RM: We heard that you’re a big space nerd and have a passion for Astronomy. Have you had the chance or any plans to suit up and head to the moon just yet?

DB: I’m an adventurer. I pride myself in having no fears. I’d absolutely love the opportunity to travel to space and go to the moon. Do I ever for see that happening? Probably not. But know that if ever given the opportunity, I’d jump at it.
RM: If you were not an actor, what career would you have?

DB: If I were not able to be an actor anymore, that would be a sad day for me. If I weren’t an actor I’d probably be in sales of some kind.
RM: When you’re not acting, what do you like to do for fun?

DB: I feel like if I’m not acting, I’m traveling or casting or hunting for the next job. I enjoy acting more than anything else. I like to be able to have time with friends and family because I don’t get to see them often, because I’m always traveling and working. I love sports and playing all sports. If I get a free weekend off in LA, there are good chances that I’ll be on the beach playing volleyball somewhere.

RM: Thanks for hanging out with us. What projects do you have coming up in the near future?

DB: Thanking you for taking the time to hang out with me.

I currently have a number of scripts at home that I either have to study or start reading. I’ve been blessed to have worked with some great directors and producers that have given me the opportunity to continually work with them. Wayne Slaten is a director out of Houston, who I really like to work with. In August we will be shooting “Patriot Act”, a futuristic sci-fi film that I’m really excited to get started on.

Be sure to catch Donny on Lifetime’s Anna Nicole June 29,2013 8/7C!

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