We have created an exclusively online Fashion and Celebrity magazine that is accessible anytime via the computer and new media such as smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices. Our beautiful editorial features are showcased brilliantly with these new mediums. As a green publication, the magazine can be viewed online, anytime at the consumer’s convenience. Print copies of the publication are available for purchase online, via our Print-On-Demand service.
In an effort to get the maximum exposure for our designers, we pair the hottest celebrities with in-demand brands. Our unique advertising packages also gives you the maximum exposure while being extremely cost effective. Our aim is to bring the brand to life.

Our targeted Readers are:

  • 18-49 overall with a strong interest in fashion and celebrity

-60% Female, 40% Male -40% age range 25-35
-Educated: 51% College or post-college graduates

  • Fans of the celebrities from current TV and film projects that we feature in every issue
  • Interested in technology while embracing and utilizing the social media and networking culture
  • Early adopters of new technology, utilizing the iPad, smart phones and other mobile device to view the magazine
  • Interested in utilizing new technology in making purchasing decisions and choices
  • Interested in “Green” initiatives by utilizing our Print-On-Demand service

Reach Your Core Audience:

In addition to traditional online traffic, we are active on various Social Media Platforms including:
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

Our Celebrity editorials and images have been featured & syndicated on various media outlets including:
Huffington Post,,,,,,
DailyMail UK, ET Canada, Wendy Williams Show, ABC On The Red Carpet, Extra TV, Access Hollywood and more….

Choose Your Ad Options:

We connect your brand with our influential audience of style tastemakers through
visual media placements and stunning content integration in 2 affordable and powerful ways:

1) Premium Blog branding: (Self Serve)
-Banner Sizes
– 250×250 Medium Rectangle (Above the fold on the right sidebar)
– 250×250 Medium Rectangle (Below the fold on the right sidebar)
– 160×600 Skyscraper (Below the fold on the right side bar)
- 234×60 Half Banner (Under the front page slider)

2) Ad Rates for the online Magazine

For the Click Thru Marketing option or more customized/targeted campaigns please email us. Whether it’s custom ads, full partnerships, curated sales, contests, giveaways, and more—we’ll work with you to craft a custom campaign to fit your advertising goals.Please contact our ad sales team for our latest media kit, requests-for-proposal, or any other inquiries and find out how can get your brand noticed.

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