BB creams are the newest makeup trend to hit the market. What’s all the fuss? Blemish Balms, or Beauty Balms are multi-tasking face creams that were first formulated by a dermatologist to protect a patient’s skin after surgery. They work overtime by providing moisturizing, priming, concealing/blending, treatment and sun protection with an added SPF. They can work with a foundation or alone as a tinted moisturizer for a lighter effect. I was convinced that it was just another fluff product, but after using a few brands, I am finding that they are a great addition to your make-up arsenal! They do a fantastic job at priming and moisturizing the skin, I love the blending effect and the added SPF protection is fabulous.

  • If you are not the foundation wearing type, choose a tinted formula.
  • For foundation wearers, smooth a small amount on first or mix a small drop in with your foundation before you apply.
  • Now that almost every cosmetic brand has a BB cream, you can find one from your favorite make-up brand or go to your department store and try a few brands if your are not sure which one to choose.  Of course, I love drugstore brands and find that is a good place to start. 

Try it out, you will love it!