Behind the Scenes – Dulce Candy

We were excited to shoot Dulce Candy for a second time! So much has happened since we last featured her and we wanted a chance to share her journey with the fans! We did the shoot In her massive closet which holds the key to her burgeoning style business, it doesn’t get any better than that.

This seasoned fashionista is a big YouTube sensation who helps us with all things beauty and fashion through her educational aspirational and videos. Fun Fact:  Dulce was a soldier driving a Humvee a few short years ago. After she left the service she decided to switch gears and create a life in fashion.  She is a role model for creating your own vision and working your own plan.

Her consistency and work ethic has been her source of success. Check out the video below and see what inspired her to create her big closet and conquer the world of fashion.

Follow Dulce on Twitter: @DulceCandy