There’s a newcomer in town, and it’s a name you won’t soon forget. Designer, Jason Ryan, features masterfully created ready-to-wear and avant-garde high end menswear. Each collection is highly stylized and driven by a strong central theme. The designs are known for their impeccable artistry and thoughtful embellishment. Often full of high-drama, the meticulous detailing and innovative structures of the designs create an encompassing sensory experience. The current 2014 Holiday Collection, Resentment.Run.Evil, features several womenswear pieces showcasing a feminine edge.

Jason Ryan stole the show at last night’s Metropolitan Fashion Week and one thing is clear, Los Angeles is in love. At the garden oasis of Greystone Mansion, guests sat in awe of Ryan’s monotone avant-garde collection. Opera singer Nicolette Holman opened the show with a haunting voice that perfectly represented the theme of Jason Ryan’s collection. The designer debuted 10 menswear and 7 womenswear pieces from his collection Resentment. Run. Evil. In the dramatic presentation, all the models wore pale body suits covering them from head to toe and ornate headpieces that sat as crowns on their heads. All eyes were locked on the runway, and as the finale gown made its way down the entire audience was under Jason Ryan’s spell. As the favorite of Los Angeles fashion week, it is clear the designer has made his mark on the fashion community, and all doors are now open.

Here are a few images from his beautiful presentation:






All images courtesy of: Aremis Studios

Twitter: Jason Ryan

Instagram: Jason Ryan