GET THE LOOK – Gym to Street Style

The Gym to Street Style, stretches from Los Angeles to Italy and everywhere in between. It’s no secret, Athletic wear has been showing up more and more. The Gym to Street Style has become a standard in the well dressed man’s everyday wardrobe.  

One of our favorite fashion designers, Dsquared 2,  is leading the charge with surf and snowboard influences that lead to what they call ”gypsy heartbreakers, nomad travelers with a techno edge, collecting souvenirs, as they tour the world.” The collection is fanciful and captures the imagination. But if this style intimidates you and feels like too much, remember, you don’t have to go all in!

The easiest way to start your Gym to Street Style, is to get inspiration from your favorite sports team, or your favorite leisurely sports activity. Take a look at the following options:

1) Pair that casual weekend suit with a pair of old school leather sneakers.
2) Pair a streamlined hoodie with a denim jacket, and a pair of the new jogging jeans with a colorful sandal.
3) For those that wear suits everyday, consider wearing a patterned colorful shirt, a great pair of sporty cufflinks and a boxer style boot for a streamlined look.

One of my favorite looks is a pair of colorful running tights with a pullover Henley, tie a scarf at the neck. Then, grab an unstructured jacket or baseball jacket, your favorite hat and enjoy your day.

-Tiffany Scott-Clemente-

Gym to Street