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GET THE LOOK – How will you Red, White and Blue?

 How will you, Red, White and Blue? I am an All American Girl! And I love a good Red, White and Blue outfit!

I don’t know if it is the promise of Summer as red, white and blue begins to color the retail landscape at the beginning of Spring. Or, the goofy star shaped headbands that light up my world (yes, I do own one and have worn it from New York to Los Angeles). Or, maybe it is the firework displays that light up the faces of little children, but there is nothing like a girl in a red, white and blue filmy sundress or the look of a good old fashioned 40’s pin up style swimsuit.

This color combination seems to have come from the uniforms of Sailors and other seafaring folks. Most notably, it started in the 1780’s with the hat known as a cocked hat; people would attach a cockade (a rosette or knot of ribbons worn on a hat as a badge of office or party). They wore them proudly to show their allegiance and pride, and so do we.

There are many ways to show your Patriotic side, just remember if you are going to wear a “Flag” inspired piece, only wear one! Here are some easy to do options:
1) Pair those great cowboy boots with a pair of dark indigo skinny jeans and a crisp white button down or a fitted tank top.
2) Pair the red sailor shorts with a navy and white striped bateau (boat) neck t-shirt and fun sneakers.
3) If you are attending a more “Glam” BBQ or Cookout, pair that pretty red, white and blue sundress with a great sandal and sparkly accessories.

Head to toe or fun accents, show your patriotic side. The only thing left to ask, is “How will you, Red, White and Blue?” Enjoy!

-Tiffany Scott-Clemente-


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