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If there’s one piece of clothing that really get me excited, it’s Rompers! These staple pieces bring back a time of innocence for me. I wore them as a little girl, growing up in Southern California and I love them even to this day.

Rompers, which are a short version of a jumpsuit, were also a major look in the forties and fifties. I know, I’m taking it way back. But, actually, they gained their popularity from the American Designer Claire McCardell, who made her mark by turning her back on French fashion and creating an All-American Sportswear look that is still influencing fashion designers today.

Have you ever wondered how you could rock this look? It’s fairly easy, especially with the warmer weather upon us. Whether you opt for a vintage look or something brand spanking new, whether you call it a Romper or a Onesie, take a look at these easy to follow suggestions:  

1) Pair it with classic Espadrilles or Sneakers.

2) Make it sexy for a night out on the town with high heels and bangle bracelets.

Whichever way you decide, remember to make it your own and make it a summer staple!

-Tiffany Scott-Clemente-


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