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ON TREND – Crochet Away

Crochet Away. Just what am I talking about? Well, one of my favourite 70’s trends, happens to be a hot summer staple, for this year. Yes, you guessed it.
Crochet! This technique has been around for a few hundred years, but it became very hippie chic in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Nowadays, it’s less about cabby hats and bell bottoms. Rather, its more about mixing cool crochet pieces with some modern fashion and making crochet your own.

Here are a few easy ways to do it. Just follow these steps, and you too can Crochet Away!

1) Keep it 70’s inspired in a crochet crop top with contemporary flair. Wear a denim pencil skirt and vintage 70’s platforms.

2) Make it sexy with a current crochet lace skirt, crop top jean jacket or a pair of crochet shorts. Pair this with a tank and a draped jacket or a trench.

3) Wear it over a bathing suit out by the pool.

Now you get it. I told you it was easy. It’s important to remember, that there’s nothing hippie about wearing crochet this summer. However you choose to wear the trend this summer, be sure to Crochet Away!

-Micah Sarai


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