On Trend – Monochromatic Dressing

Monochromatic Dressing in one shade from head to toe has been trendy a few seasons over, but it is not an easy one to mimic. It truly takes a bit of finesse. The trick is to not try to match the shades perfectly. It can be much too difficult and can look forced and contrived; like you tried and failed. That’s not fashion.Instead it’s much more chic if the color matching is a bit off. When the color story is more tonal and deliberate, it creates depth and complexity.

For example, it’s hard to wear all red without looking (ahem) inexpensive. A great way to ease into it is to allow similarly toned burgundy to anchor the look.  Once you’ve mastered that, if you were to decide to wear red from top to bottom, the key is to keep it classy and flirty. Red is a hard color to be covered in. Keeping such a harsh color flirty and sweet with a chiffon ballerina skirt or making sure hem lines and shoe heel heights are fairly modest is best.

Finally, keep your monochromatic outfit simple. Keep your accessories light and minimalist. Most of all though, approach this trend with excitement. Although difficult, this trend is a great way to insert color into your fall to winter wardrobe. Practice makes perfect.
Good Luck!

Xo, Micah Sarai

hot tamale monochromatic dressing


burgandy babe monochromatic dressing


Jaded monochromatic dressing
purple passion monochromatic dressing