On Trend – School Girl Style

School has been back in for a little while, but now that it’s officially fall, it will soon be time to break out the plaid skirts, tights, and tall boots. From Wednesday Adams and The Heathers, to Dion and Cher, The school girl look is truly classic. This trend is such a timeless style, and it has been recreated and redesigned a dozen times or more. The trick to making it work for you is picking the elements of style that work best for your body shape, and lifestyle.

-If you’re top heavy, you may find it difficult to layer that oxford button down with a sweater or vest. Instead, try a silk button up blouse with a tie.
-If you’re bottom heavy, you may not be comfortable in a short plaid mini skirt. Instead try a plaid pencil skirt with platform loafers.
-The key is mixing and matching the individual modern pieces that best work for you with more trendy pieces that mimic the schoolgirl styling you like.

Try it! The weather insists.

-Micah Sarai

School House Rock 1


School House Rock 2



School House Rock 3