One of the most exciting issues we do annually, is our Sports & Athletes edition! And it’s no wonder, because some of these athletes are larger than life and transcend their respective sports. Whether they perform in the ring, on the race track, on the sand at the beach or on the beautiful greens on a course, getting to know their stories is truly inspiring. By design, we enjoy featuring the athletes that may not be as well known, but they’re body of work and commitment to their sport is nothing short of remarkable.


This issue is led by WWE Superstar CJ “Lana” Perry. On the outside, she’s a sweet, smart woman, who’s well traveled and truly cares about people from various backgrounds. But, if you happen to be her opponent in the ring, you may want to gracefully bow out. Seema Sadekar, a professional golfer on the LPGA tour. With her cultural background and keen sense of fashion, Seema has helped changed the way people view women & golf. How many boxers do you know that have gone undefeated in their professional careers? Meet Andre Ward. Since he’s retired from the sport, Andre has taken the lead in his clothing line S.O.G and has taken on a new role as a mentor on the EPIX series, The Contender. Alix Klineman is an accomplished volleyball player who’s spiked the ball and left her mark on many beaches around the world.


One of the most compelling stories we had an opportunity to tell, was that of Off-Road Racer Justin Peck. Besides his ability to man handle a truck on dirt at high speeds and all the road bumps you can ask for, its what Justin is doing off the track, that will truly impress you. He’s an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, and an author. But more than that, he’s an advocate for mental health. And to hear the passion in his voice and how he’s using his platform to help those in need is remarkable! And, last but not least, is Toni Breidinger. You could say it runs in the family, but at just 18 years old, this young lady has her foot on the pedal at 180 mph with the best of them. Carrying on the torch that other female racers have passed on, Toni is sure to come around that corner, faster than you think!


We hope that you enjoy viewing this issue which contains beautiful images of these athletes and their wonderful stories. Additionally, we’ve included all your summer essentials from skin care, healthy hair, grooming tips to fashion styles for the warm weather and of course, bikinis. Enjoy!


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