10 THINGS – Roland Buck III

Your career in the industry started just a few years ago. What made you decide to ultimately get into acting?

Even though it may look like it started a few years ago, it’s taken me 11 years to get to this point. I’ve wanted to act since seeing “The Wood” at the age of 12, but kept that dream close to heart. At 18, when I graduated from high school, I accepted a football scholarship to play at North Carolina A&T State University. I was leaving Texas and everyone I knew. My Mom said this was a great time to reinvent myself. “You’re going somewhere where no one knows you. You can change your name, you can be whoever you want to be.” That stuck with me and I took it to heart. I can tell people who I am before they can tell me who I’m not. So, I’m an actor.

As you look at those that came before you, which actors body of work have influenced you the most?

Definitely, Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington (He started off as a television doctor too) and Don Cheadle. They’ve all stepped outside of themselves and embodied some great roles. 

One of your latest projects is National Geographic Channel’s highly anticipated series, The Long Road Home. How were you first introduced to the series and what made you want to be a part of it?

I got an audition from my team in L.A. and when I first read the script, I thought, wow this is something no one has ever seen me play. Something so far from Noah (from Chicago Med) but still human. I need to get this.

On this series, you play the role of Rafael Martin. What is it about this character that makes you excited to play him on screen?

He’s flawed, he’s human and the military was his last resort to turn his life around. You don’t hear to many of those stories on screen and it happens that way a lot. 

For those who haven’t tuned in just yet, what can they expect to see in this exciting mini-series?

You can be prepared to really understand the cost of freedom that we live with every day. Paid by people who are just like us. They aren’t superhuman, they’re human. With a job that costs a lot to give. 

You’re also on NBC’s Chicago Med, as medical resident Dr. Noah Sexton. What can the fans expect to see from your character and the rest of the cast in this new season?

This season, you can expect Noah to have more responsibility put on him. He’s now diagnosing patients, doing surgeries, and learning how to work with his sister now that she’s his nurse. You can also see him chasing Sara Reese, trying to wear her down for a date. 

Obviously, you like to stay busy. You have a new film on Netflix coming out, The Week Of, starring Chris Rock and Adam Sandler. How different was it being on this set as opposed to the other projects you’ve worked on?

These guys are comedic legends. On other sets, I may have brought the comic relief, but on this one, I just listened and took my cue off them. So much to learn and I got to be a sponge the whole summer.  

If you weren’t pursuing acting, what line of work would you be in?

Well, I played football most of my life. I wanted to play football and act like Jim Brown, but then I had to choose, because I needed to focus all of my energy on one thing to be successful. One of my other interests are planes. I would love to fly jets. Maybe even become a fighter pilot?

When it comes to fashion, which designers appeal to you the most?

I’m not really as fashion forward as some guys. I just see what feels and looks good on me. My sisters help me with that. But I do like Ted Baker, J Crew, Top Man and Nike 🙂 

We look forward to seeing the many projects that you have coming up. Is there anything else you have coming up?

Not at the moment, I’m currently just working on Season 3 of Chicago Med, which shoots until the end of March 2018. I’m still auditioning for other things TV and film wise, so I guess time will tell. I do feel like 2018 won’t slow down for me though. 


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Photo Credit: Benjo Arwas